Here’s a link to my 1991 film about the homeless. . .including homeless war vets. It’s amazing how relevant it still is today.

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THE PROMISED LAND – a film by Kevin P. Miller (1991)
It is one of my earliest films, yet ‘The Promised Land’ remains among my most beloved. This documentary, initially created in about five weeks’ time for a local ABC-TV affiliate, won a slew of regional Emmy’s, was nominated for a national Emmy award, and captured a Bronze Medal in the category of “International TV Programming” from the N.Y. International Film & Television Festival in 1992.

When it aired, ‘The Promised Land’ was the highest-ranked TV program in prime time, but most importantly, it raised nearly $500,000 in donations after its first showing — and just under $1,000,000 total. The donations went directly to transitional housing, veterans groups, Foodbanks and job training for the poor and homeless.




About kevinpmiller

Kevin P. Miller is an international award winning Writer, Producer and Director whose films LET TRUTH BE THE BIAS, THE PROMISED LAND, and more have won numerous international Film and Television awards. His latest is called A QUESTION OF SOVEREIGNTY. Two-time Academy Award winner Paul Haggis called Miller's 2008 documentary GENERATION RX "a powerful and often chilling eye-opener." He is also featured in "The Dangerous Man," a book by Karen Sawyer. A "Best-of" blog is also available at
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